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Unholy Murder

Unholy Murder - Felicity Pulman


POV's: Singular
Narrative: Third person, subjective.

The Janna Chronicles truly get better with each installment! As Janna's outlook matures, her stories become more detailed and refined. Unholy Murder proves that character progression and development can be the difference between a good series and a great series!

It takes the same form as the previous two novels, in which Janna finds herself in a predicament that requires her sleuthing and healing skills to save the day. This time however, her antics are less frenetic as she is more careful in her considerations. She is still a bull in a China shop occasionally, but she wouldn't be Janna if she wasn't!

The book is set in an abbey, which usually makes me wary. For some reason, I get really tense when a book is set in a medieval religious setting, some weird affectation I've developed I suppose! However, this was less about priests banging on about evil and more about the daily lives and relationships of the nuns, rather than the religion that surrounds it. I ending up enjoying that aspect after I got over my strange little phobia!

There is a sweet little side romance that explores the anxieties that come with being considered unsightly by the outside world, but lovely in the eyes of an individual. Heartbreaking to see the struggle of a character trying to accept that her physical disfigurement does not define how other see her as a person!

It's actually a bit of a theme in Unholy Murder, that the individual fears about oneself, do not have to overshadow the whole of the person; that each has redeeming qualities that can transcend those doubts, if they can only see it! Janna is instrumental in making sure the characters see it, and that made me warm to her more than any other feat she has accomplished thus far.

Of course, Janna is still struggling with her own romantic life! I have a suspicion this arc is going to reach right up to the last novel in the series! I am starting to hope for her, whereas before, I simply wasn't invested in this part of the story. Fingers crossed she finds her way!



I have Pilgrim of Death (book #4) now, thanks to Momentum, so let's see where Janna ends up next!

Harcopy Worthy? Indeed!