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Stolen Child

Stolen Child - Felicity Pulman


POV's: Singular
Narrative: Third person, subjective, limited.

This series really is delightful so far! The word 'flurry' comes to mind. Or, torrential downpour on occasions. Pulman stacks quite a lot in 268 pages, but it works nicely in this sort of limited third person narrative mystery. There isn't a lot of of peripheral noise to get backlogged in, so every thing you do get to be privy to seems to garner greater importance and can be told without unnecessary wordage. It looks like each instalment is going to be set in a different locale visited by Janna, which seems to figure in quite nicely with the short mystery format.

Generally, my feelings for Stolen Child don't differ much from Blood Oath. The storyline is different as Janna has to struggle through as a 'youth', in a homestead she's never been to before. With a companion she doesn't trust (Not that she trusts anybody really!) and surrounded by people she doesn't know, she is forced to pull her fiery ways in. That is until the past she's running from is brought into full focus and with it the mystery of the Stolen Child..

Janna had matured her sleuthing ways in this instalment. She doesn't fire at every suspect caught in her cross-hairs, and she takes the time to consider how each action will reflect on her and the people around her. Even if she still does land in hot water quite a bit! It's great to see that development take place, and I think that it will continue throughout the series. Well I hope it does!

The herblore is still there, that urgent inner dialogue of continuous questions still runs rampant and the history of Britain (the Norman invasion especially) still plays a large part in the whys and wherefores. The heavy foreboding of religious issues was tucked away mostly, which made it slightly less weighty, but it doesn't hamper the over all feel.

The romance is still a bit of a sticking point, but at this stage, I am not even sure if either of the 'interests' have that big a role to play in the upcoming plot line. Time shall tell! I do have Unholy Murder in my reading list, so we shall see!

It really was the perfect rainy autumn Sunday read; not to heavy, not to light, it was just right.. (yes, I did just quote a breakfast cereal ad!).

Hard copy worthy? Well, there isn't one. But! I did discover that this series was published before! I plugged around and found that Blood Oath was Rosemary for Remembrance and Stolen Child was Rue for Repentance! I actually like the old titles better, but such is life! Anyway, if I can still get them, I'll add it them my basket!