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Dreamer's Pool - Juliet Marillier See the complete review posted on Book Frivolity. Check out other Fantasy and Historical Fiction ruminations there as well!

I've forgiven Marillier's overly long, plodding paced books before, because the surroundings, history, magic and intrigues of the Priteni were always so beautiful and lush. Dreamer's Pool lacked that lushness but still had that plodding paced, underedited feel. I couldn't really forgive the repetiveness of notion and narrative, or that it was about as mysterious as what black t-shirt I'll put on in the morning. It was bland and brittle.

I was genuinely bored, I even started to speed read it, and that's really unusual for me. Cut the book in half and you would still have just as much sense of character and plot, without the nagging sensation that the whole book is completely underdone and underachieving.

I feel a sense of disappointment, because Marillier's work was some of the first adult historical fantasy I read, that made me fall in love with the genre. The Sevenwaters series and The Bridei Chronicles are far superior works, look them up instead.