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The Last Quarrel: Episode 1

The Last Quarrel: Episode 1 - Duncan Lay See the complete review posted on Book Frivolity. Check out other Fantasy and Historical Fiction ruminations there as well! Here's the thing, it's very hard to rate and review part of a book. I like the concept of releasing a fantasy book in a series of fortnightly episodes (5 I believe, then wrapped up into one later down the track!), but it renders the reviewer a bit stumped. I can say it's very well structured, the writing is clear and concise, and it seems to be a good story line. The prologue does make me want to read on, the how and why it occurs intrigues me, plus the end of the book is quite the cliffhanger. However, I am not sure where else to go with the review, since in all earnestness, there just isn't enough book there to comment on. If it had been wrapped up into a more complete morsel, tied with a bow for pass the parcel instead of the mighty cliffhanger, I would've had more meat to chew on.

I will say, the world confounds me a little. I suppose I became a bit (or a lot) analytical, because it seems to be set in a parallel universe Ireland (Gaelland), that's just one step to the right from our real world.. So I ended up comparing what was real world and what was individual to the books version. I am guessing there weren't any ninjas in Ireland at the time (Victorian? The potato famine and the Ottoman Empire connection.. Maybe Tudor, when potatoes were initially introduced. Tick tick...), or ever. My brain went on a wild tangent, I found it hard to step back and view it as a separate entity because of the heavy similarities. I am not sure it's a good thing for an amateur historian to get to excitable over what is supposed to be a fantasy world! But, it was probably just me, I tend to extrapolate.

I would really like to come back to this once it's a few episodes in and try to give some worthwhile feedback! I think the second episode must be out by now, so I'll check it out!