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Infinity - Sedona Venez I was looking forward to Infinity, because I believed this book was about modern Valkyries, and Norse mythology has always intrigued me. I soon learnt, this book had none of what I  was expecting and a whole host of things that didn’t intrigue me in the slightest!

I can’t quite believe I just read a book that spent 3/4 ‘s of it’ s pages describing clothes and asses. I’m still in quite a bit of shock at my own fortitude! I actually feel slightly bad for reviewing this novel, because I honestly had no interest in it after the first chapter (but I did promise, so you are kind of stuck with it!). I felt like I was dropped into a book full of characters that are akin to those that surround and trap me in my nightmares (and I’m not talking about the fact they are paranormal) so it had me on the wrong foot pretty quickly.

Infinity is a hot mess of contradictions.  At first I thought she was going to a strong, independent woman, proud and defiant, because she is presented as such. She ended up coming off whiny, self absorbed, insecure and with a volatile temper. She really adores her friends, and who wouldn’t if all they did was stand around and praise you to the nth degree and don’t have a problem with you taking the drug you have supposedly spent so long on kicking the habit for. Irritated the socks off me. Every man gets an erection for her, every woman wishes they had her ass. After the first chapter (which I actually really liked!)  I couldn’t get away from her quick enough.

Every male character is stunningly handsome and is either a man whore or simply a claimant on Infinity’s body. I thought the caveman attraction went out a long time a go. “Right, I claim you. We’ll do the nasty.” Sadder, Infinity gets wet panties (literally!) for nearly all of them. Lucky she keeps mentioning her virginity card over and over, or she might’ve started confusing me! Really not romantic or sexy in the slightest. And there’s got to be another word for a tall, well built man than Viking.  I get the Norse connection,  but it was used.. 28 times! I have read historical fiction about Vikings, that haven’t used it so prolifically!

The storyline and pacing were displeasing. The first two thirds probably could’ve been totally erased and it would’ve made no difference to the plot whatsoever. I point you to the scene comprised of Infinity texting in the car and talking to her friends about her fine ass, other people’s ugly asses, and clothing styles. The scanty POV changes were unnecessary, they didn’t add anything to the overall storyline that couldn’t have been worked in to the main plot. I think the real plot, which kicks in at the end could’ve been really well done if a good editor was on hand to enhance that, and scrub out the inane filler at the start. And never have I seen a cliff hanger quite so badly placed. It’s one thing if it’s used to lead you into the next novel, another if you just chop off a story so you can make it into a series.

I am just disappointed that the concept was really exciting , but not handled well enough to pull it off successfully. 

I will give it 2 stars: 1 for the bitching cover, and 1 because it does have a version of a Valkyrie in it.

Hardcopy Worthy? No. Sorry. 

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