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Libriomancer - Jim C. Hines So, I really like books.. And I really like magic.. So, book magic is possibly the most scrumptious thing I've ever read about! This reminded me of a mash up of Harry Dresden and Thursday Next (and yet still bursting with its own originally) where Libriomancers are able to use the power of the written word to create magic, and basically be an arse kicking bibliophile...

Imagine being able too reach into a book and pull out an object of your desire! There are rules and limits of course, but Ye Gods, imagine the possibilities for the Bookish! I don't think I care about the faults in The Libriomancer, it could've been a right royal hack (which it absolutely wasn't) and I'd still be all dreamy eyed over the premise.

I think I'd like to go put on the Mad Hatter's hat and swing about a Shardblade as I go traipsing around the neighbourhood with a Dire Wolf puppy. Don't worry, I'll put them back when I'm done... Maybe..