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Masters of Bone and Blood

Masters of Bone and Blood - Craig Saunders

I picked out Masters of Blood and Bone as my next review, because I honestly think it is a little piece of genius expounding the gluttony of power, disguised as a dark fantasy novel. Which was a bit of a blind sight, considering I picked it up thinking it was a Harry Dresden/John Taylor-esque paranormal noir.

It certainly contains all the norms, but there was a message in there slightly more socially conscious than simply angry gods, mentally instable wizards and a grumpy, fat, arse sore detective that's good with death.

When you consume power, become bloated and ungainly with it, your power is an overestimation of your worth and a front that hides your fallibilities. In turn, your underestimation of those you lord power over, is ultimately the biggest failing you'll never see coming. I am looking around me right now and I see Janus everywhere. And I see the arse sore detective pulling him down at every turn. Whether you're on the side of good or evil is simply a subjective opinion held in ones heart and mind, it ultimately comes down to what we want. How we go about getting it, whose the judge? A God? Now there's the sticking point.

There is a real world parallel here, that I wanted to plaster up on every damn wall. Which is strange for me, because I usually keep my social consciousness firmly under wraps in light of it being unwieldy when let out of it's cage. I jail it in books!

Is it the best fantasy out there? Well, it's certainly different. It's probably the most disturbing I've read in a long time, sex as power, mind control to achieve goals (simply if you eject enough of your own vitriolic ink into a blank space, you'll ultimately fill it up to the point of creating a slave to your will) , mass sacrifice as a means to an ends. However, it is tempered by a dark, sarcastic intelligent humour, and there is a depth of emotion I didn't expect. It's a fast paced novel, but it isn't rushed, the flow is mastered beautifully. Even if I hadn't been wearing my 'sick of the world' hat, I still would've enjoyed it on a Nightside level.

So, it's not for the faint hearted or the prudish, but then, if you don't push the boundaries you set your own trap. Check it out if your in the mood for something left of the normal.

Hardcopy Worthy? I would buy it in a heartbeat if one existed. Alas!