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The Autumn Republic

The Autumn Republic - Brian  McClellan 3.5 stars.

It took me a while to figure out how to review The Autumn Republic, because when I finished it, I was dissatisfied and I wasn't sure why. I enjoyed it, it was fun, fast, exciting and the battle scenes glorious, but it it wasn't satisfying.

At first I thought it might have been because I'd built the final instalment of The Powder Mage trilogy up so high with anticipation it couldn't compare to my expectations. Then, it hit me. The pacing. It was really rushed. I don't mean it was a fast paced book, I mean it was rushed to the point of it being detrimental to the overall story line.

I felt like the author wrote all of the big battle and confrontation scenes first and then couldn't quite figure out how to connect them properly or how to resolve the issues that occur because of them. I can't actually say over what time period this instalment spans, because things just occurred without a good sense of timing and attachment. There is a need, people just seem to show up, fighting ensues, fight won, there's a meeting (in which everybody notices how everybody's aged over and over and romantic scabs picked over and over), there's a need, ad infinitum. However, due to the connective tissue being so weak, it could've all occurred in 2 hours and the reader would be none the wiser.

I guess I like to care about what the outcome is in a novel, and I didn't with The Autumn Republic. I wasn't given time to and there was no real depth, just surface material. A major character falls and I just kind of shrugged it off because it just pushed past it without a pause to grieve. It was probably the weakest of the three novels, but it did wrap everything up without any major lose threads. I just wish I cared in the end.

Physical Copy Worthy?
No, not unless the next few months are lacking in good, solid novels, that I have some sort of emotional attachment to!