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Warbreaker - Brandon Sanderson I have always loved reading Warbreaker, it has the real distinction of relying on characters to drive the plot in comparison to the many fantasy books out there relying on epic battles to yank along a story line. However, previously I've always come away from it disinhearted by the ending. So much potential just waiting in the wings! But this time, Nightblood and the peculiarity of where it/he pops up next, has rekindled my intrigue. I don't know if or when there will be a direct sequel to Warbreaker (supposedly it is written? Maybe?), but that damned Cosmere is a tricky place, and it wasn't until I reread Warbreaker this time, that it all just started to click into place due to another of Sanderson's recent novels and a plot device I didn't even realise was staring me in the face! Wiley man Sanderson! I really want to be a spoiler, but I will refrain, just incases.. Suffice to say, I probably enjoyed it more this time around because of the tie. Still had a tear when one of the characters dies, those scenes never get old...