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Owlet - Emma Michaels I really liked the concept of Owlet. It's possibly the first YA book I've read in recent memory, in which the main character was physically flawed, unable to kick arses at the drop of a hat or have the iron will of a hardened soldier. I enjoyed the idea that you can be weepy, physically weak, confused and yet still strong in heart. It was refreshing to say the least!

As was the concept of the Stryx. You learn about them throughout the book, and explaining it here would spoil the story line so I'll just say, the idea is rather magical and if I was going to be 'paranormal' being, I'd be happy to be a Stryx.

Unfortunately, however good the concept was, the writing let it down. It was rushed to the point of underdevelopment. I couldn't grasp the characters as they sped away from me, I felt like if it slowed down for five seconds to allow me to feel something for them, the reading experience would've been much more enjoyable. Apart from Iris, the characters felt paper thin, which annoyed me, because I thought the author had the ability to give them life if she had taken the time... And slowed down! The plot became a scramble in the last half, I think it played second fiddle to trying to introduce the major players and it felt a bit out of control.

The construction of conversation was weak enough that sometimes I had to read things several times to understand what was being said. Since a good proportion of the novel was based around characters in conversation, I felt stalled, jarred and slightly impatient with trying to understand what I was being told, rather than shown. It was like watching a movie without the aid of the image to give it concept and meaning.

I do think the series has the potential to be great, if it takes the time to let the reader in. So I'll read the next installment with hope!