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Amnesia: A novel

Amnesia: A novel - Peter Carey See the complete review posted on Book Frivolity. Check out other Fantasy and Historical Fiction ruminations there as well!

POV's: I'll say multiple, but it's really singular with others embedded into it. It'll make sense if you read it.
Narrative: First and Third person alternating.

Rarely do I have trouble finding words to talk about a book. In fact, I could spout and debate for hours, in most cases. But this has left me flummoxed. It's promoted as "an exceedingly timely, exhilarating novel—at once dark, suspenseful, and seriously funny—that journeys to the place where the cyber underworld collides with international power politics." It is none of those things.

It is a fragmented story about a confused girl/teenager growing up in 80/90's suburban Australia, who likes a boy, finds a social cause and has a marginally messed up family. It's pretty much the story of every girl I ever grew up with, in pretty much the same locations. There is no suspense after the first third (strange pacing indeed!), it's not timely in the least (True, Pine Gap was mentioned but it really could've been anything, it's inclusion was cursory) and if it was humorous, I didn't get the joke. I was certainly in no way exhilarated.

I don't take these words lightly, but I was bored. I don't often use the word bored, and I rarely experience it when reading a book, so for me to put it in a review I must be feeling it.

There were other arcs, but none of them had any bearing on what the book was supposedly about. I don't know what the real purpose of bringing these stories together was, but they don't compliment each other and they don't really have any consequences that overlap (I know a person that knows a person). I can't quite grasp whether they were included to make a statement about Australian history and politics, or simply embellished to try and create a potential 'conspiracy' that was of no relevance. Flummoxed.

The narration drove me up the wall, and the characters drove me to distraction. Flummoxed.

The ending was just galling.. Flummoxed.

I was simply.. flummoxed.

(You're right, this review is out of character for me, but I was just so disappointed, I became thoroughly annoyed. I thought if Carey wrote this story in accords with the synopsis, it'd be a masterpiece! But in the end, it just wasn't worthy of his actual skill, or ability. It truly bewildered me.)

Harcopy Worthy? Nooo..