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The Last Quarrel: Episode 4

The Last Quarrel: Episode 4 - Duncan Lay See the complete review posted on Book Frivolity. Check out other Fantasy and Historical Fiction ruminations there as well!

POV's: Multiple
Narrative: Third person, subjective.

This series just keeps getting progressively better! Everything is just thrumming along nicely; plot, pace, character development, all the biggies!

The plot doesn't thicken, so much as become bolstered in this episode. Some of the scenes make it glaringly obvious why things in Gaelland aren't doing so well. If you thought the things were slightly off kilter before, well strap on your seatbelts. The action does drop off slightly here to make way for solid story building, but it's come in at a good point. We've seen what's been happening, it's now time to see why it's been happening.

I can't express how much I appreciate Lay's development of the character Bridgit. Writing in the strength and the vulnerability of a woman and mother, really gives credence to Lay's ability to create well rounded characters . Too often do I read books where the characters are either hard arse or princesses, either/or, but this does such a good job of expressing that humans aren't actually all softness or concrete. Being both is not a weakness, and I am glad to see that Lay has written this quality into most all of his characters.

At this stage there is possibly (As I've said before, it's hard to tell in episodes if things will be addressed in the next instalment) a slight skimming over of the focused 'baddie'. It's known who he is, and what he has done, it's the why that is missing. I wouldn't usually pick at this in a limited narrative, but the character is well known to one of the main POV's, so the back story could be stronger. Even if it was just a fuller history, rather than direct reasoning for his 'baddie' actions, the storyline would probably feel more complete. Hopefully the bolstering seen in this episode, will continue into the next.

The ending was a great stopping point too! Essential in episodes!

My previous fears about everything wrapping up to quickly, were put to rest when I contacted Mr Lay (the joys of author stalking on Twitter!) and he assured me that these episodes are part of the first book in a trilogy. All good then!

Harcopy Worthy? I am hoping the full book of The Last Quarrel (due out after the episodes are individually released) will have a paperback edition!