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The Last Quarrel: Episode 3

The Last Quarrel: Episode 3 - Duncan Lay See the complete review posted on Book Frivolity. Check out other Fantasy and Historical Fiction ruminations there as well!

POV's: Multiple
Narrative: Third person subjective

Contains chapters 19 through to 29.

Alright! Now we areĀ  thrashing in the quagmire! The Last Quarrel starts hitting it's stride in episode three! The plot, character development and pacing all start ramping up and their off! Bridgit has a good start and is pulling out in front, with Kerrin and Fallon right behind.. It seems the Prince has got himself confused and is running around the track in the wrong direction! Look at his stable hand chase him down! What is his brother shouting in the stands? What a ruckus! Hold on!? Who is that mystery horse galloping down the field behind?

Ok, I make a extremely shoddy race caller, but, it's a pretty fun race! This sort of pacing and forward movement works the episodic form to it's best. Quick off the mark, nice strong pace in the middle, bastard of a cliffhanger at the end. The first two episodes lacked that snappy format and I think that's why they seemed weaker, even though there really isn't any difference in Lay's writing style or skill. You can read about my thoughts on them on the links provided above if needs be.

This is a really nice set up for the last two episodes, though how everything will be wrapped up in approximately 280 pages hence, I don't know! A lot of loose threads to plait together!

I do need the next episode you know, I needs it! I am pretty sure who the mystery horse is, but I need confirmation.. I needs it..