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The Reluctant Swordsman (The Seventh Sword Book 1)

The Reluctant Swordsman - Dave Duncan Have you ever thought I wish I lived in that books world? Well, The Reluctant Swordsman tackles the issue of being thrown in to an alternative universe and trying to assimilate modern ideas and values in a world that is not your own.

It's a very interesting concept actually, how do you fit in? What do you hold on to of yourself and what are you willing to change so that you can successfully live in a world that doesn't see or believe in the things you take for granted? It's not just that people don't agree with you, they literally don't even know the things you speak of, there isn't language to describe it, it just does't exist for them! And vice versa. It's truly fascinating. I loved it! It even made me rethink my desire to live in Middle-Earth.. But not for too long...