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The Assassin and the Princess

The Assassin and the Princess - Sarah J. Maas Unfortunately, when I read the description of Throne of Glass, I got the wrong impression of the nature of the book. It turned out to be less hard arsed assassin and more precocious teenager in a love triangle. Instalove just isn't my cup of tea, so I got irritated pretty quickly.

Granted,there were glimmers of potential here and there, I enjoyed the magical component and the ending was nicely handled, but there was only a teeny spark in my imagination and it didn't flare very often. I really had no connection to the characters, and sometimes I just wanted to give them a hard kick so they would get over themselves. Sass only gets you so far before it becomes potentially annoying, and immature men making Goggly eyes for no apparent reason is just borderline pathetic.

The world building was slim for fantasy. Unless you really like descriptions of clock towers, you just had to take a guess.

The intrigue was about as mysterious as a shown hand of cards (I had many 'I thought she was supposed to be intelligent!' moments), so I just waited patiently for a fight or assassination scene to arrive. There was one fight scene. In a book about the best assassin in the land... It was a clanger of a scene though, so i'll give kudos to that.

So, my advice is to check out something else if you are looking for a good fantasy action novel. Because this really isn't it. I do admit though, that this is probably the best book I've read in this sort of genre. Which isn't saying a lot, because I tend to avoid them. It wasn't horrible, it just wasn't what I readily enjoy.

I have been told that the second novel is quite a bit better, so there may be a slight possibility that I will look it up if I am looking for a fluffy read one weekend, simply because I need to understand why this series is so well loved. I hear she actually kills people, which gives it an extra star before I even read it..