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Book Review: The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins

The Library at Mount Char - Scott Hawkins

A missing God. A library with the secrets to the universe. A woman too busy to notice her heart slipping away.

POV’s: Multiple
Narrative: Third person, Past tense.


Ok, I’ll admit when I first started ‘The Library at Mount Char’ there was a scribble in my notes that said “I don’t think I’m stoned enough to understand this..” which pretty much translates to “I have no idea how to bend my mind around everything going on here”.


It’s true, when you first start the book there is a sense of being abandoned and thrown head first into this oddity. However, whilst you sit and scratch your head thinking that Hawkins may be slightly off his rocker, the cogs start to turn, all the notches start to click into their grooves, and the true enormity of the book’s concept begins to bleed into the narrative. At some stage you will have stopped scratching and begun to flip pages at the rate of knots.


The next truth is, I have no idea how to explain the many ways in which this book made my head, heart and imagination explode. I can say ‘Unique’ “Brilliant’ ‘Original’ on repeat til the cows come home and go out again, but that hardly scratches the surface of what this book brings to the table of the fantasy genre. The world building (I mean literally re-building the world) is magnificent, the concepts totally incredible and obviously created by an imagination that I wish I could pick at like a magpie…



This isn’t actually Scott Hawkins, but that Magpie is actually me..

And I mean, creating a bad arse killer that wears the bodily matter of his kills combined with a tutu should surely be lauded..


This book is about being brought up by A God (Maybe?) to become a God! The boundaries are almost non-existent, and Hawkins uses this to his advantage in every possible way. What starts out as a weird little plot culminates into a creation that defies expectations.


picks relentlessly


And the third truth is, this will not be everybody’s cup of tea. The pacing is weird to begin with, some of the concepts are hard to to get your head around at first, the characters are all off the wall, occasionally there is a sense of total anarchical craziness with the plot and it is very dark.(pretty much all the reasons I think it’s fantastic)

I don’t doubt there will be people who don’t get past the first third of the book.


But, Hello comfort zoners! Come on, join this party! By the end you’ll be so happy you decided to stick with it! You’ve likely never read anything like it, and you probably won’t for a long time hence..





By the way, I never really stopped thinking Hawkins is slightly off his rocker (in a very good way..). Hell, after I’ve stopped picking, he might actually be.


Harcopy Worthy? Absolutely


My ‘The Library At Mount Char’ Playlist
Crazy Arse mix for a Crazy Arse book 


GOD – Tori Amos
Providence – Ani DiFranco/Prince
The Kill – Thirty Seconds To Mars
Pompeii – Bastille
Eathquake – Labrinth feat. Tiny Temper
Black Hole Sun – Soundgarden
The Big Empty – Stone Temple Pilots
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