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Quick Review: The Price of Valour by Django Wexler

The Price of Valour - Django Wexler

It's 5am and I just finished The Price of Valour .. So, you work it out.. I rarely read for 6 hours straight, so Wexler must've been doing something right! I'd review this a little more succinctly but, being 5 am and all.. I have the eye strength of a 2 hour old kitten...


So, this is what you get:


If you love flintlock fantasy that has fully rendered characters with continuous development,  relationships that ring true (cause unless there is a sense of flummoxed, it just isn't realistic!), demony things that do demony things, and a ton of military madness that is actually interesting to read, rather than feeling like a slog through a 200 year old combat procedural; read it! 



Just don't gorge on it like I did, cause there will be grumpiness when you have to wake up in.. 2 and a half hours..