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Looking Good: The Traitor Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson

The Traitor Baru Cormorant - Seth Dickinson

The Empire of Masks is coming, armed with coin and ink, doctrine and compass, soap and lies. They'll conquer Baru’s island, rewrite her culture, criminalize her customs, and dispose of one of her fathers.


But Baru is patient. She'll swallow her hate, prove her talent, and join the Masquerade. She will learn the secrets of empire. She’ll be exactly what they need. And she'll claw her way high enough up the rungs of power to set her people free.



I was given the opportunity to read the first few chapters of The Traitor Baru Cormorant, and although I can't comment on the whole book, those first chapters are bloody amazing! 


It's a truly intense, brutal, yet beautiful geopolitical fantasy. It starts with the outlook of Baru as a young child,  watching her people persecuted and murdered as she is being 're-educated' by the invading Empire of Masks. Deciding to fight for her people with wit, rather than with weapons, she becomes the perfect student so that she can fight from within the Empire. At 18, she is given the opportunity to start working on the end goal.. 


 The writing is just fantastic. It has a lyrical dream like quality that juxtaposes the brutality of what's going on around Baru in the most intense way. I just found it uniquely beautiful. I don't think I've actually read anything quite like it. 


It has a Kameron Hurley-esque feel, so if you are fan of her work, I think this might suit you well!


If I don't get to read the whole novel soon, I might burst.. I might just pre-emptively burst now to get it over a done with, as it isn't released til mid September!