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Quick Review: The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks

The Sword of Shannara - Terry Brooks

I first read The Sword of Shannara 18 years ago, and as a young teen I loved it with all my squidgy heart. So much so, I think I rambled on about it more than any of my friends or family could stand (I could tell, because of the "Shut Up Kristy"'s thrown my way everytime I got a gooey about it!) 


Now that the tv series is being promoted, I thought I'd revisit it, to reminisce..  


The problem is,  I hold so much nostalgia for it, yet have had the opportunity to explore fantasy way beyond what was on offer at the Mobile Library I had access to back then (ie. The book bus that would visit country Australian towns too far from a city centre to visit a real library), that it now seems.. Well.. Like something I loved as a teenager, and only appreciate as an adult!


It's still a great book,  it just doesn't have the complexity of narrative, character and plot that makes me get the crazy loves these days. It lacks the moral conflict, uncertainty and grey areas that make my cogs turn! Tastes change I suppose! Abercrombie spoiled me in my early 20's, and I guess I just haven't looked back! 


I would still recommend it to young teenage me, and any young budding fantasy enthusiast! To anybody that just wants to ride a softer fantasy wave than I do, to be honest!  


I'll always have the fondest memories, and my heart will always remember it being the best damned thing since books were invented; even if my head doesn't!