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The Aeronaut's Windlass - Putting it aside.. For the moment!

The Aeronaut's Windlass - Jim Butcher

Sometimes, when you receive an eArc/galley, the formatting is just not up to scratch (as some of you would know!)! I think it's probably a conversion problem from pdf to kindle, but in any case, they can get incredibly hard to read!


Unfortunately, that's what has happened with The Aeronaut's Windlass!  I'm loving the book, but the formatting is making it extremely hard to read, and I'm spending more time deciphering the book, rather than enjoying the story! As an aside, it makes it really hard to review when you aren't really sure what problems are inherently the book's, rather than the sketchy version's. 


So, I am putting the eArc aside, and I'm going to update my review once it's actually released! Which is actually saying something! If I'm liking it enough to actually buy it (which I can rarely do these days!), so I can tell everybody about it; it must be doing something pretty awesome!  


Look out for an update sometime in October/November!