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Saturday Night @ Crazy Cat Lady Kristy's House:



I've got my hoard of cookies (though I'm not sure it's safe to unrest the dragon), and I'm reading Sorcerer To The Crown by Zen Cho, in which "English Magic Faces It's Darkest Hour"!


I've not read much of it as of yet, but so far, so very alternative/fantasy/magical regency era Britain! No punches pulled though, in the first 10% it's brought up issues of racism, classism, sexism, war, politics.. And magicism?


It's kind of reminiscent of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, with a Wodehouse/Wilde tongue in cheek feel; everything is just a little bit exaggerated to really exacerbate the ridiculousness of nobility, class, politics etc. I'm really enjoying it! I think once the main plot kicks in, I will be riveted! 


If you're a collector of good looking books, the Macmillan/Tor hardback edition of Sorcerer (out on the 10th of September) looks gorgeous! Really beautiful! I'm happy to take a donation, if somebody wants to buy me one!