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General Updatery: The Death of A Laptop.

Gathered friends, we are here today to mourn the loss of Kristy's beloved laptop, which has left this mortal coil, to step onto one of never ending bios looping. He has left us for the azure skies of the blue screen, and is unlikely to return to us any time soon.


In other words, I am without a computer.. So, until I find a work around, all I have is my phone to update things with. This message has taken 22 hours to write so far! 


I'll still be about posting general weirdness, but there won't be any long reviews etc. till I'm re-teched. I've lost a few I was writing when the dying occurred (yes, I don't backup everyday, I have been thoroughly schooled by my error now!), so if for some reason I've said there'd be a review up and it's not, I'm sorry for the inconvenience! It will be here asap! Hopefully much sooner than later! We'll see.. The technology gods may grant me some clemency, and if not, I'm furiously fertilising the money tree!