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General Updatery: Laptop Still Dead, Resurrection Imminent. Supposedly!

Ah yes, the joys of technology. The heights and glory it lifts us to when we posses it; the total despairs it drops us into when it leaves us... Our preciousssess... 


So, until we can kill the Hobbitsses to gets it back... And if you're really interested, mildly interested, or simply bored crudless -  you can still check out the bits and pieces of blogging I can do on social media (because my phone hates booklikes. No really, it's like battling an Orc with a butter knife) by following my ridiculousness on Instagram or Twitter @ bookfrivolity. I can't guarantee it's not just me fumbling about with a phone app, but it's keeping me amused until Mr Laptop is sent back from the tech-necromancers. 


So, come see what's firing in my overactive brain synapses, when they're not engaged in fantastical wordage (ie. Books), on the twits or the bookstagrams. It's free you know... No postage required..