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Bad Cat Phryne
Bad Cat Phryne

So, that's why I've been absent for a bit, and why I'll probably be a bit slow for a while ...


Who knew two tiny tooth holes in the back of the hand, could cause so much damned trouble and pain!


I'll have some wicked new scars from the surgery.. I'll have to think up some cool backstory to go with them, cause 'cat bite' just sounds dull (and pretty stupid!)..


Moral of the Story: Don't get between a cat and its prey, unless you want a raging Pasteurella infection! It's pretty shitty, I must say..


Anyway, I'm exhausted, and my hand hurts like a bastard.. Time to veg & listen to to the audiobook of House of Chains by Steven Erikson, with The Frost Beast (the non-biter! Hehehe).