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Fiddler by Artsed (
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During my recent re-reading (or audiobooking) of the Malazan Book of The Fallen series, I've been rediscovering some of my all time favourite fantasy characters. And, my favourite Malazan, is Fiddler (aka Strings)!  I found this image, which almost exactly portrays the conjuring of Fiddler I have in my head, and felt the need to share.. 


How to shoot a cusser according to Fiddler:


Fiddler: "Well, the idea is to aim and shoot, then bite a mouthful of dirt."


Cuttle: "I can see the wisdom in that, Fid. Now, you let us all know when you’re firing, right?"


Fiddler: "Nice and loud, aye."


Cuttle: "And what word should we listen for?"


Fiddler: "Duck. Or sometimes what Hedge used to use."


Cuttle: "Which was?"


Fiddler: "A scream of terror."