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Saturday Night Reads turned into Sunday Afternoon Reads! I actually left the house on a Saturday night *GASPS*!! To go to my parents house.. Not sure it counts as a night out necessarily, but I did get a roast dinner, so I am not complaining (considering my meals usually consist of two minute noodles.. I think I'm getting scurvy.. ).


So, Pan Macmillan Australia sent me 'Guns of The Dawn' by Adrian Tchaikovsky a few weeks ago for its paperback release, and I've been eyeing it off like a hungry wolf ever since. I am a huge fan of Tchaikovsky, but for some reason this release passed me by when it first graced the scenes earlier this year in February. Bad Fan Form Kristy, bad form indeed. Let's just say when I received the book, I had a paroxysm of glee. 




Denland and Lascanne have been allies for generations, but now the Denlanders have assassinated their king, overthrown the monarchy and marched on their northern neighbour. At the border, the war rages; Lascanne's brave redcoats against the revolutionaries of Denland.

Emily Marshwic has watched the war take her brother-in-law and now her young brother. Then comes the call for more soldiers, to a land already drained of husbands, fathers and sons. Every household must give up one woman to the army and Emily has no choice but to join the ranks of young women marching to the front.

In the midst of warfare, with just enough training to hold a musket, Emily comes face to face with the reality: the senseless slaughter; the weary cynicism of the Survivor's Club; the swamp's own natives hiding from the conflict.

As the war worsens, and Emily begins to have doubts about the justice of Lascanne's cause, she finds herself in a position where her choices will make or destroy both her own future and that of her nation.


Got to say, so far I am loving it! And now, with no further ado, I'm going to close this laptop and return to the war...




NB. I have no idea where the picture of the female soldier in my image originated; it isn't my creation- I can't draw people to save myself... I just keep going around in circles trying to find the artist, so if anybody knows, please let me know so I can credit it!! I have a feeling it might even be from a game?