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Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll - Illustrated by Rébecca Dautremer

Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll

Thanks to Hachette Children's Books for relenting to my begging, and sending me a copy of the book. 


Hi, my name Kristy. And I'm an Alice junkie. I have been since I was a child. Not the Disney version of Alice, but the darker, slightly creepier version that I'd conjured in my mind from reading the Lewis Carroll books when I was just a wee chicken.


I like to read the spin offs: the novels written for Alice before, after, and the alternatives - the crazy, kooky, and sometimes; the down right, bat shit crazy.


I've seen the movies: the animated, the live action, the 80's anime Fushigi no Kuni no Arisuthe, the BBC mini series in the late 80's. I've chosen to forget the more recent Tim Burton release, because it was abominable..


I've played the American McGee game, and killed with playing cards, vorpal blades, and demon dice; all the while trying not to throw up because I can't play first person games without chundering.. I've even cross-stitched the McGee version of Cheshire..


I've cringed at the more recent game release, where jumping meant whirly gigging about like a Sufi Dervish of the Mevlevi order.


I may still even have a pack of Alice themed tarot cards floating about….


My point being, I have done a lot of Alice in my time. I blame my parents for enabling me, but that is for another session entirely.


However, I have never I come across a version of Alice in Wonderland that is quite so magnificent as this one.



For the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, Hodder released a full colour version of Alice, illustrated by the celebrated French children's book illustrator Rébecca Dautremer. Along side the full text, Dautremer has given Alice a truly, unique and exquisite perspective. And it is glorious to look at!




I wish I knew all the right artsy words to explain the style, colours, textures, period comparisons.. all the bubble and twit, that art connoisseurs can rabbit on with. But, I don't possess that vocabulary. So, this is all I can do… It is gorgeous. It is wonderful. It's dreamlike, vibrant, sumptuous, diverse and original. It is the bloody bees-knees! Or, the duck's nuts?


Alice fans must possess it, stroke it, fondle it, smell it; whatever you love to do with big, wonderful books, that knock your socks off. The photos here do no justice to the true beauty of the publication as a whole. I wanted to share everything, all of the wonderous characters, the marvelous scenes; but I'm afraid somebody from a legal team might start having conniptions over my complete disregard for copyright laws!


Hodder and Dautremer did good. Bloody good. And, it is going to need a special shelf; not only because I'm going to treasure it for the rest of my scrappy life, but also because I don't have a shelf that it will actually fit in..



Check out Rebecca Dautremer's website, or her Facebook page. Her work is fantastic!



I think it's pretty obvious where Dauterner found her inspiration for Alice!




NB: These example pictures, taken with shaky, neurologically defective hands, are really ridiculously cruddy compared to the real images. Note it well! Please!?