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Sunday Afternoon Reads: No fancy image today due to cruddy health.. But! I was lucky to chose a book that has the most wonderful dedication, that's actually pretty relevant today!


It's from Oneiros by Markus Heitz, a celebrated German fantasy writer that I've been wanting to read for quite some time. This actually looks to be more on the thriller side of fantasy (maybe closer to horror?), so it'll be a nice change of pace!



In Leipzig an undertaker named Konstantin Korff harbours a cruel secret.

In Minsk an unscrupulous scientist performs questionable experiments.

And in Paris a plane that is about to take off crashes into an airport terminal with deadly consequences for its passengers.

An investigation into the accident begins immediately, but the results are puzzling: all occupants were dead before the plane hit the building. What the police do not know is that there was one survivor. But even as they blunder into the investigation, Konstantin Korff and the mysterious scientist are already on his trail, all three bound together by the same curse. A curse that makes them a danger to everyone around them.

Curses! A curse! Me wonders what it might be, and from what!?

It's out right now through Quercus books (means I think I got it from.. Hachette Australia!)


Have an awesome week guys! K.