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The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Hieronymus Bosch
The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Hieronymus Bosch
My image!
My image!
The Vagrant - Peter C. Newman

I find the connection between how mental images are created in a readers mind, through the use of mere words on a page, extremely intriguing. I really have no idea how it's done, and there's been raging debates throughout the centuries about the concept; philosophers, psychologists, and neuro-scientists have all had a stab. There's new theories coming out of the woodwork all of the time, as technology allows us to track the brains workings.


In any case, I've been reading The Vagrant. And throughout, my mind has been conjuring Hieronymus Bosch type imagery. Usually, my minds eye flings up movie type scenes, quite realistic in nature. However, The Vagrant is throwing out a flowing, almost animated, Bosch-type apocalyptica. I don't know why this is, and I find it a curiosity. Is it Peter Newman's style of writing? It's certainly unique, it has a harsh, yet poetic nature about it. Is the connection between his style, and how I view Bosch's art? Maybe!


Many people know I have a neurological disease, and sometimes I wonder if as it progresses, there something changing in the way I process words and images. Are the connections between my memory, occipital lobe, and parietal lobe starting to get just a tad screwy? I don't know that either! Maybe someday, somebody will figure out how to map all those connections directly..


So, I decided to experiment, challenge my brain a little: what happens to the mind's eye's creation, when actually trying to re-create that image, on paper (or screen in this case)? So, I tried it out. I let my brain figure it out, I decided not to force Bosch's stylistic approach on to the image, but still recreate the images that are in my minds eye. It turns out, in my case, my minds eye buggers off. If you compare the two images (One is Bosch, one is mine) you'll see absolutely no comparison, even though my intention was to re-create how my mind was processing Newman's words, into imagery.  I couldn't even get close! There was a total disconnect between what my mind's eye saw, and what the more rational part of my brain wanted me to see/create.


I think there's a kind of lesson in that.. Not sure what it is yet! Just felt the need to share!