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'Mmm.. Lies.. ' by Kristy (Book Frivolity)
'Mmm.. Lies.. ' by Kristy (Book Frivolity)

So, I've decided to teach myself real 3D modelling! It's been an interesting process, but I find creating graphic art a cathartic outlet for expressing my wonky brain waves.. And surprisingly much easier than typing them out, now that I have my funky new mouse!


After a lot of messing about, I finally decided to render this attempt at Shallan Davar and Pattern from Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive series. I decided to call it "Mmm.. Lies", for reasons probably obvious to those that have read the books! If you haven't read them, go grab them!


Well, the piece has it's flaws, but for my first rendered creation, I am actually pretty ok with it!